Creating is and will always be my source of independence. It inherently sparks a drive in each of us to have our voices heard. Sometimes this is a soft and passive whisper, and other times it is a loud and aggressive scream. But the voice is our own and comes from a place of freedom and autonomy.

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There is a certain amount of divination that goes into creative expression. A connection to the life force that surges through us all that inspires our minds and guides our hands to create something greater than ourselves. Whether I'm uniting mediums or conjuring in the digital realm, the end product comes to life. The magic that links the idea and the tangible piece is the very thing that breathes life into the creation.

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There is a balance for creators to stay true to oneself while also producing work that connects with the viewer. The true nature of an artist is to release what is happening on the inside and transforming that into visual representation. When working with others in business dealings and collaborations, the best work comes out of great relationships. Vision sharing allows both sides to identify the intersect between ideas. Openness, honesty, respect, and gratitude make possible the shaping of a beautiful work of art.

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