FitRight Athletics

Client FitRight Athletics
Year 2021
Role Website
The Project —

FitRight Athletics approached me to design an online presence for a fitness professional. The owner needed a place to showcase their brand and identity. I created an informative experience that exploits the fitness programs offered and fully details their clients options.

01 —


With FitRight Athletics owner and operator being a well established trainer in the area, our strategy was to give new clients a place to learn about the unique programs offered at FitRight. We also wanted to give the client and the owner an easier way to set up appointments for specific  programs. Having a growing client list made taking phone calls and scheduling appointments a tough task for this already busy entrepreneur. The system that I created gave the trainer all the information that he needed before contacting the client and reduced the time spent going over clients goal and target areas. 

02 —

Hassle Free

The core challenges were to get as much information from the clients we could, compiling it into one place, and being transparent about pricing while not giving set prices on the site. This particular trainer has discount programs but all prices vary based off of group sizes and select programs. We showcased actual clients and the trainer as a way to stay local. We complemented this content with helpful information and interactive pop up forms providing visual stimulus for the user, and an extra aesthetic dimension.

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The Clients

We want the clients to feel welcome and excited about FitRight Athletics. We utilized local area and existent clients to bring in the feel of community and familiarity. We wanted to create an online presence that is as inviting as the FitRight logo. "Get Fit the Right Way".