The Source Tarot

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Year 2021-2022

Divine. Cosmic. God. Goddess. Universe. Energy. SOURCE.

Where does the information we seek in our daily lives come from? This is the beginning concept behind The Source Tarot.

Many can name their favorite news outlets, however there seems to be a disconnect between our news media and veracity. Newspapers or news pamphlets were originally constructed to highlight a single topic event. It was straight forward and provided a channel for the masses to be up to date on a meaningful current event. As the years have passed and news outlets have grown, so too has the number of people the information filters through before it reaches us. It is becoming harder and harder to distinguish the facts from what those behind the scenes want you to know. However, the information first comes from a single source. One that, more often than not, is trying to get the raw, real, and true story out.

We also see this information exchange (and the question of validity of said information) in faith based practices. Often there is a back and forth about who is right and who is wrong. But at its very core, belief is subjective. We all feel and interpret the cosmic forces differently, and yet there seem to be shared deep, intrinsic commonalities. Here we see it is the interpreter who adds to the design - who applies this source information to life before their eyes. And while the source information may be true universally, the interpretation is not one-size-fits-all. 

In the Tarot, we see the beauty of both. The iconic, archetypal messages and life path stages appear to us when the time is right. In co-creation with divine source guidance, we the seekers then overlay our personal histories, present moment, and future selves onto this universal blueprint. And in this process of divination, we uncover the Truth of the Self. Does it come from within or from outside? It is a unique and lasting partnership, a bond that exists within all of us, always. And what beautiful stories can unfold!

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Major Arcana

The Major Arcana in tarot represent life lessons, quintessential human experiences, and karmic cycles and influences. This set of cards often carry deep and impactful meanings and insights into life's anomalies. The cards in the Major Arcana help us identify the major influences in our lives, impactful situations, and uncover the stepping stones for spiritual enlightenment. The story told with the 22 cards starts the fool's journey and completes the cycle of each edition in our lives with the world.

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Minor Arcana

While these cards are classified as “minor” cards their impact on a reading is not less significant than the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana cards relate to situations that are happening in our daily lives. They often give us advice and guidance with our daily situations but can also give direction in the circumstances brought to light by the Major Arcana cards. These cards give a lot of insight into what steps can be taken to manifest goals and solve life's problems. The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.